Golf Nickle Plated Awards

Engraving Included in this collection

on base plates up to 100 characters

Style and layout according to text provided

Engraving on actual Cup Body/Plinth Band can be quoted for, please enquire for price.

Send details of your order via e-mail or Order Form Page and we will get back to you
A4E Golf nickle plated
C003-1 370mm £105
C003-2 350mm £92
C003-3 285mm £75
C003-4 235mm £58
C003-5 185mm £48
C003-6 160mm £39
A4E Golf nickle plated
C002-6 195mm £40.00
C002-5 240mm £54.00
C002-4 285mm £75.00
A4E Golf nickle plated
C002-3 230mm £43.00
C002-2 280mm £53.00
C002-1 325mm £68.00
A4E Golf nickle plated
C007-9 200mm £50
C007-8 250mm £64
C007-7 300mm £76
C007-6 350mm £105
A4E Golf brass plated
C007-3 250mm £64
C007-2 300mm £76
C007-1 350mm £105
A4E Golf brass plated
C007-4 370mm £100
Inc record shields on base
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