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Nickle Plated Cups

Engraving is included in the price (only on base plates)
This is based on approx max 100 letters.
Style and layout according to text provided.
Engraving on actual Cup Body/Plinth Band can be quoted for.
Please enquire for price.
A4E Nickle Plated Cups
C004-1 370mm £135
C004-2 300mm £112
C004-3 260mm £80
C004-4 230mm £59
A4E Nickle Plated Cups
C010-5 150mm £24
C010-4 190mm £36
C010-3 245mm £50
C010-2 280mm £65
CB010-1 340mm £75
A4E Gilt Plated Cups
C006-8 160mm £31
C006-7 205mm £41
C006-6 250mm £56
C006-5 280mm £73
C006-4 330mm £86
A4E Nickle Plated Cups
C006-3 180mm £36
C006-2 210mm £44
C006-1 230mm £52
A4E Nickle Plated Cups
C009-4 185mm £38
C009-3 205mm £47
C009-2 230mm £55
C009-1 280mm £66
A4E Nickle Plated Cups
C008-1 440mm £137
C008-2 380mm £105
C008-3 310mm £80
C008-4 240mm £54
C008-5 170mm £38
A4E Nickle Plated Cups
C009-8 220mm £42
C009-7 250mm £54
C009-6 330mm £80
C009-5 400mm £108
A4E Nickle Plated Cups
C003-1 370mm £105
C003-2 350mm £92
C003-3 285mm £75
C003-4 235mm £58
C003-5 185mm £48
A4E Nickle Plated Cups
C005-1 430mm £90
C005-2 360mm £77
C005-3 330mm £66
C005-4 280mm £51
C004-5 240mm £45
A4E Nickle Plated Cups
C011-6 260mm £60
C011-5 320mm £75
C011-4 400mm £100
C011-3 480mm £108
C011-2 560mm £165
CB75  (7-10)
CB75/10 195mm £57
CB75/9 240mm £73
CB75/8 270mm £90
CB75/7 360mm £135
A4E Nickle Plated Cups
C008-/6 330mm £140
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